Our menu is vegetarian

We honor plant-based food, both at the office and our events. We’re conscious of what’s in local and in season and design our menus accordingly.

Back in 2014 we realized that the amount of time and money we were spending on going out to buy/order lunches to the office didn’t really add up. Doberman started to cater lunch to the office four days/week from a restaurant nearby. The lunches are paid by Doberman and the tax for using this benefit is paid by the employee.

Two years ago we stopped catering meat. Before that we ordered about 20 kg of cold cuts and 3000 meat lunches (ca 600 kg) every year, which added up to a carbon emission of 9,5 ton CO2.  Today we only offer vegetarian and vegan lunches. Of course that has not been an easy transition for everyone (some really miss the lunch sausage) but the least we can do is to not encourage people to eat meat during working hours. 

Thanks to making the switch to vegetarian food we have been able to reduce our carbon emission from food by 50%. Source