We aim for zero emissions

Meanwhile, we invest in paying our debt of any emission that we cannot yet eliminate. That includes emissions resulting from our employees’ everyday work and travel. Our carbon offsets are purchased from Gold Standard, which uses our contributions to support Impact Projects in the developing world.

We are aware of the fact that it’s tough to make a workplace completely carbon neutral. There are multiple areas that you can look into, not only your travels. We also prefer thinking of it as climate investments rather than offsets. There is no way to buy your way out of emissions, but by investing in projects that aim to support the transition to a sustainable future, we at least do our best to secure the future of our planet. 

How it works

We are offsetting all of our travels and have developed a template that analyzes our carbon footprint caused by food, heating, electronics, tools, etc. That enables us to calculate and offset a yearly carbon footprint per employee. We are making the offset through Gold Standard. 

How much it costs

According to ClimateHero a “normal lifestyle” (not including travels, car, eating meat, and a limited consumption) - which we use as a base level - costs about 540 SEK/year to offset. We are working 20% of the time, which means that offsetting our work hours requires 108 SEK/year/employee. Any compensation above that level makes us carbon positive. 

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