We design for change

Our knowledge of strategy, technology, design, and branding is our greatest asset. We keep our eyes and ears open for projects in which we can use that knowledge to create a more sustainable future. We also look for opportunities to support our clients’ efforts to reach their own climate goals.

Checklist for sustainable design

We use this checklist throughout the design process to make sure we are on track and that our work contributes to our planet. 

  1. Why should this product exist? How does it benefit our users?

  2. Product market fit: Is this the best solution? For users? For the planet?

  3. Are we still tracking with our target UN Sustainable Development Goals?

  4. Does our solution make a minimum climate footprint &/or positive climate impact?

  5. Are we keeping the circularity of this solution/product in mind?

  6. Can we use clean energy sources &/or sustainable server farms?


Recent projects

A few examples of work we have done that align with our mission.



Einride, celebrated for their revolutionizing transportation solution based on self driving and electric trucks, has chosen Doberman as their new partner to support their bold ambition to disrupt transportation.

Quantified planet

Quantified Planet

Quantified Planet is a non-profit organization collecting, analyzing, and visualizing data to advance the United Nation's Global Goals. Being a design partner to QP, Doberman has also designed  The Planet Explorer  with an urban green lens to help decision-makers and urban planners understand the health of the city and its hyper-local urban environments.

Global Goals

The Global Goals Lab

Doberman is a member of the Global Goals Lab, a passionate network of partners and visionaries dedicated to implementing to the Global Goals on Sustainable Development. The network showcase testbed projects, stories, and voices of partners from around the world.



Doberman designed and developed both the brand and the products for the B2B logistics company Farewell. The product suite Book, Talk, Track, and View all use state-of-the-art algorithmic technology to optimize logistics flows, routes and delivery windows. In short, making sustainability a profitable business.

ICA klimatmål

ICA - Mitt Klimatmål

Doberman designed and developed the concept ”Mitt Klimatmål” for Sweden’s leading food retailer ICA. Consumers can automatically track and get suggestions on how to reduce their carbon footprint from the food they buy based on individual receipt data and food preferences. The service also includes both general and customized info, advice, and inspiration on what to buy, cook, and eat to reduce the environmental impact.

Sidewalk labs

Sidewalk Labs & CityBlock

From our successful collaboration with Intersection (owned by Alphabet) in developing LinkNYC (the world’s largest free Wi-Fi network), our partnership has evolved. Today, Doberman is working with Sidewalk Toronto to combine forward-thinking urban design and new digital tech to create people-centered neighborhoods that achieve precedent-setting levels of sustainability, affordability, mobility, and economic opportunity. Doberman has also designed the CityBlock brand, bringing a new approach to urban health, one block at a time.